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Why Can’t Millennials Grow Up?

Jennifer Silva v. Jeffrey Arnett: Are today’s young adults eschewing more traditional roles, such as marriage and kids, because they are exploring their youth or because they can’t afford to grow up?


Gun Control: Part Three

In the final installment of their debate, Winkler and Kopel show why “common sense” gun laws are so complex, before reconciling their fundamental agreements and disagreements on the issues


Gun Control: Part Two

In this second installment, Dave Kopel and Adam Winkler examine the language of the First Amendment in hopes of more clearly understanding the Second Amendment.


Gun Control: Part One

Two of our most influential thinkers on gun control policy introduce their arguments and what they perceive to be the critical disagreements on the issue


How to Fix the American Education System: Part One

Educator, political scientist and author, Frederick M. Hess squares off against Pedro Noguera, NYU’s Distinguished Professor of Education, in an expansive debate about the current state of public education in America