Gun Control: Part Two

Gun Control: Part Two

Adam Winkler
Thanks for your thoughtful, point-by-point reply, David. You say that licensing standards for possession of a gun in public shouldn’t be applied in the home

Video Games,

Review Via Debate: GTA V

Keza MacDonald
Alright, I’ll jump right in. Grand Theft Auto has never been an aspirational series. The first two Grand Theft Auto games were top-down, simple driving-and-shooting sims with an emphasis on violent mayhem. Over the years they’ve grown narrative and satirical aspirations, and certainly I think GTA IV and V


How to Fix the American Education System: Part Three

Frederick Hess
All right, there’s definitely common ground here, but also places where we’re just going to respectfully disagree. I completely agree that personalization and customization, made more manageable by technology, can make it more possible to meet the needs of all kids. And spending dollars smarter means we can do

Education: Part Two
Education: Part Two

How to Fix the American Education System: Part Two

Pedro Noguera
I could take you on over the issue of competition and spend time pointing out that we’re expecting schools to compete on an uneven playing field and limiting possibilities for collaboration, but I want to raise what I regard as the most important educational issue in the country today:


How to Fix the American Education System: Part One

Pedro Noguera
Hi Rick, I’ve been hearing a lot about the common core as a “game changer” in education and I think once again, the hype will not match the reality. Let me be clear, I support the Common Core. I support the idea of getting all of the states (well

Education: Part One

Review via Debate: The Conjuring

Bilge EbiriHere am I. Please imagine me pointing aggressively and silently in Simon’s direction.

Simon AbramsHow is this different from any other night?

Bilge EbiriYes. Though we’ve studiously avoided discussing The Conjuring, precisely because we hoped this opportunity would come up.

Simon AbramsWe did?! I mean, yes! One of the rooms I’ve studiously